What if… Gore had been president on 9/11?

Posted October 26th, 2007 by Sylvia S Tognetti and filed in Funk from the Swamp

One post I never wrote ponders how things might have been different had Gore been president on 9/11. In this youtube video, he was asked that very question, and answers it himself, adding some perspective on subsequent crises, e.g., Katrina, and stronger warnings now being received about changes in the climate. What is only too clear is that clear warnings were and continue to be ignored.

By definition, disasters are not events themselves, but the lack of capacity to respond to them. What we have now is a fuller picture of a more complex disaster of which 9/11 was only a part – which reveals not only the incapacity but also the unwillingness of the Bush administration to respond, not just to 9-11 but to a whole series of events, meanwhile continuing to be in denial of science, even as the wildfires burn. Cheney can’t even stay awake. Actually it is worse than that – by suppressing science and giving higher priority to missions to mars than to observations of the earth, this administration is actively trying to reduce the capacity to respond to profound changes in our global environment. Had Bush run for office on a platform of privatizing disaster response, he would not have even come close to being elected. Can somebody please tell me why we even have a government, and how it is that Bush came to be perceived as stronger on national security? I don’t know about you but the news this week makes me want to go start a pumpkin riot or something (see next post).

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