Rhetorically hyperbolic? Or reckless disregard for truth? (Update)

Posted January 23rd, 2014 by Sylvia S Tognetti and filed in Paradox

When will NRO and Mark Steyn et al tell their followers that they are now claiming, in their defense, that their allegations of fraud against Michael Mann were merely rhetorical hyperbole rather than statements of fact that can be proven false?

Motions to dismiss a complaint by Michael Mann against NRO and Mark Steyn have been dismissed by DC Superior Court Judge Weisberg, who has affirmed previous rulings. In his ruling, he states that the allegation that the plaintiff , i.e., Michael Mann, “molested and tortured data” is not rhetorically hyperbolic – as was the comparison to convicted child molester Jerry Sandusky.   Whether it was false and made with “actual malice” are questions of fact that a jury will now get to decide.

For background, see my previous post, and updates by Eli Rabett and Climate Science Watch, which has been keeping the closest tabs on the case.

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