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It seems lazy to just post clips from the Colbert Report but Stephen nailed the abuses of cost-benefit analysis on Monday night, in the Word segment, “Priceless”, and I’m in France… [note: the video clip doesn’t seem to be working – hopefully Comedy Central will fix it soon]. The short version: “A human life is 6.9 million dollars. Gaming the system to protect industry from safety regulations: priceless.”
A billboard at CDG airport says getting lost in Paris is also priceless – which is true, but this time I got lost in Brittany and found a megalithic tomb. I’m not sure if it was facing the Atlantic or “La Manche” – the French name for what I have, until now, known as the English Channel. Back in Paris, on Bastille Day, a soldier riding a tank in a military convoy on its way back from the parade, saw my companion’s Obama button, smiled, and flashed a “V” sign, which says a lot about what has happened to America’s image. I did a few other things but on the blog, I try to stick to environmental science and policy stuff. Speaking of which, right now, I’m hiding in a farmhouse in another region, and working on a presentation I was invited to give next week at a seminar in Germany, on water and biodiversity – more on that later. Since I will be stopping in Berlin on the way, and will finally get to see what is left of the iron curtain, I may have to also revisit the idea of a Post-Cold War Reconstruction (will unfortunately miss the Obama rally in Berlin). I may also get around to posting some comments of my own on cost-benefit analysis.
[corrected and revised, 4:48 pm]

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