No more test posts

Posted January 12th, 2007 by Sylvia S Tognetti and filed in Announcements

I promise – no more test posts. The technical issues seem to have been resolved and some changes were made that should make this site work better. Apologies to anyone who might have reached this site when it was in a state of suspension, or who, like James Annan, might tried to tried to comment. Instead, he wrote his own post regarding Paul Baer’s post on The worth of an icesheet which has generated some discussion on his blog. That post was also linked to by John Quiggin who has a number of thoughtful posts on the subject.
After spending much of the week learning more than I ever wanted to know about Movable Type I have to do some real work but, over the weekend, will see if I can get the index page to list recent comments and will add a link to the comments feed, which is:
I also look forward to continuing the books discussion started in the last post on science and policy interfaces. Another blog I would like to acknowledge, that regularly links to climate related posts here, is A few things ill-considered, by Coby Beck, who has written the best cheat sheet you can find for answering those tiresome, redundant and unsubstantiated arguments by the global warming “sceptics.”

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