Future scenarios

Posted May 27th, 2005 by Sylvia S Tognetti and filed in Scenarios of the future

An interesting indicator of just how important blogging has become as a means of communication is that the prestigious scientific journal Nature has just published a fictional blog that projects the consequences of an outbreak of the Avian flu pandemic, and is providing free online access to a series of non-fictional articles on the topic. Revere, who has been blogging regularly on the subject, calls the fictional weblog, “highly realistic, absolutely convincing and for those reasons, very frightening.” This “blog” also includes “comments” from noted authorities. The conclusion to “Were we ready?” “Ready, my ass!”
Future scenarios is on the list of topics about which the Post-Normal Times will have more to say as time permits. In the meantime, just passing along a few links. My only comment for now is, are we ready to start being more proactive about developing the capacity to respond to complex and unprecedented problems?

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