Campaign adventures

Posted November 2nd, 2008 by Sylvia S Tognetti and filed in Living in Post-Normal Times

I spent a good part of the afternoon knocking on doors for the Obama campaign, on the other side of the Potomac river in Loudoun County VA – which happens to be Neddie Jingo’s neighborhood. It seems that most of the action happened right before we got there.  For historical context, and to find out more about “the real Virginia” see the links on the front page of his blog to a series of posts about “The John Mobberly Story.” As for my own campaign adventure, I got to see who some of the “undecideds” are. Yes, they still exist, and they say they don’t need any more information to make up their minds. Which makes me wonder how they go about actually making up their minds. Whatever…


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  1. neddie jingo says:

    I called you back yesterday, after remembering the little adventure I recounted, but the line was busy.
    Yes We Can, sister — but what happens after that, eh? That’s what’s got me puzzled…
    [I have asked myself the same thing but I figured it can’t get any worse. Ultimately, we are all going to have to stay just as involved in our democracy as we have been in this campaign.]
    My CAPTCHA words: “Stephen’s Goddess.” Has your blog been reading much Joyce, then…?
    Interesting… I rarely enter my blog that way so thanks for letting me know.
    FYI, in case you haven’t yet, you need to come over to this side of the river to see the recently restored Lincoln Cottage, on the grounds of the Soldiers Home (and near one of the civil war battlegrounds) – now open to the public. Will blog it as soon as I finish reading Elizabeth Brownstein’s wonderful book about it.]

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